Marie Antoinette Ballroom

This room is infused with the sensibilities of my late, beloved Janice and was the first of all that followed.

By 2000 this once regal ballroom had been painted all white, with salmon red ceilings and the ornamental detail was clogged with thick paint, with a dull blue carpet. Although early literature described its delicate coloring as ivory and “French gray” with touches of blue and rose,  it was possible neither to determine the shades of these colors nor where they were located. It left me a blank canvas, as it were.

The cost of stripping all the heavy overpaint with its drips and runs would have been prohibitive so I opted for a glazing approach that would reveal the three-dimensional relief.  The only areas where this would not have been adequate were the finely modeled circular bas-reliefs of court jesters that encircled the gallery level. These were carefully stripped down to the original plaster. After damaged plasterwork had been repaired, the entire room was primed with a very pale apricot-peach base coat to supply a sense of warmth for the foundation of the glazing and wet-in-wet enhancement with the the same base coat color. This resulted in a sort of bisque glazed porcelain effect.