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Melville Holmes received his first oil painting lessons at the age of nine and it seemed a matter of course that he entered college as an art major, but it was only during his junior year in 1972 that he found clear direction.

“Standing before Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Rabbi, I saw a rich matrix of paint applied with consummate technical understanding, within which was an image of such existential human nobility that it seemed to transcend the artist’s age and mine. It was a kind of epiphany, proof of quintessential artistic virtue, demonstrating that it is possible for a painted image to somehow reach across the centuries to touch one’s essential humanity. To accomplish something of this in my own generation, even if only in a small way, became my goal.”

Classic Holmes Still Life from Melville Holmes on Vimeo.

Using techniques derived from his studies of the materials and methods of the Old Masters, artist Melville Holmes has painted richly luminous, contemplative still life paintings for many years.

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