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An Object of Contemplation

Woman Holding a Balance
Woman Holding a Balance. Jan Vermeer.

“Works of fine art are perhaps best distinguished from other human products in that, beyond any other function, they serve as objects of contemplation. A painting affirms its content, saying to the viewer: ‘Think on this.’  For example, the still-lifes of Chardin, the landscapes of Frederick Church, Vermeer’s View of Delft or Woman Holding a Balance, the Louvre Magdalene by George La Tour, or the exquisitely simple Goldfinch of Carel Fabritius, are affirmations of enduring beauty, of refinement amidst simplicity, and reflections on the human condition that transcend the circumstances of their creation to speak to us directly.

“In my paintings, therefore, I have sought to include elements that cannot be strictly dated but might apply to any time: a lake or dark forest, a harmoniously structured city, a meal of bread, cheese and wine, a woven basket, earthen jar, or beaten copper vessel.”

Melville Holmes


oil on linen 11 x 141/2
An Object of Contemplation. Melville Holmes.

Classic Holmes Still Life from Melville Holmes on Vimeo.

Using techniques derived from his studies of the materials and methods of the Old Masters, artist Melville Holmes has painted richly luminous, contemplative still life paintings for many years.

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