Art Restoration

Because of his long experience and extensive studies of painting materials and the principles and practices of art conservation, Melville Holmes has been able to undertake numerous restoration projects, not only for oil paintings but also picture frames, statuary, and in one instance, architecture. To view galleries of restorations please click on the pictures below. (These may take a moment to load.)

 Oil Paintings

Before and after pictures of painting restorations. Read the fascinating story of the mysterious “Isabella” painting of Spokane’s historic Davenport Hotel.

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Picture Frames

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Examples of restored statuary in plaster and wood appear below.

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The Great Western building in Spokane, Washington, originally the “Empire State” building, built in 1911. The ornamental terra cotta was covered up in later years and an awning was suspended around the facade. In 2011 the lower level of the exterior underwent a facelift. The top two photos show some of the damage that had to be repaired. The two lower photos show the finished result.

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