The Old Petaluma City Hall: Reflection of the Old World Order

oil painting, Petaluma, city hall, Melville HolmesThese pictures below are inserted individually.

Here are some more picture that need a caption. These pictures are all in a gallery together, and so they line up perfectly.

If, indeed, you wanted to write an entire paragraph, you’d probably want to put it in here. You could also break up the pictures if you wanted to focus on one more than the others. For example, in order to line them all up properly, you might actually want to put only one of them in a gallery of one like this:

And then what you could do if you only wanted to include these two together, is to create the next gallery for only these two items and talk about them both together or separately like this.

It is quite impressive how much you can accomplish by just sticking every graphic element in its own gallery.

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