Drawings and Watercolors

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View of Callian
Table of Wisdom
Study for Three Holy Women at the Empty Tomb
Caryatid from Davenport Hotel Lobby Fireplace
Caryatid from Davenport Hotel Lobby Fireplace
A Plumbline in the Hand of Zerubbabel (1988)
Green Chair (1988)
Lobby Lamp
Still Life Studies and Watercolors
Hubbard Squash (1990)
Study for Vanitas (2000)
Ginger Jar with Oranges (1991)
Pomegranates with Parsley (1991)
Terra Cotta Vessels 3
A Fanny Nampeyo Bowl (1999)
Glass Vessel (2002)
Study of Green Vase (1997)
Study of an Amphora (1997)
A Greek Vase
Study of Blue Vase (1997)
Flowers & Plants
Quince (1992)
Camelia (1990)
Tree Peony (1991)
Roses and Daisies
Study of a Fuschia (1996)
Lilacs with Tulips (1991)
Roses in a Flask (1987)
Study of Hawthorn Berries (1987)
Musical Instruments
Violin and French Horn (1996)
French Horn (1997)