Still Life

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A Winter Still Life (1984)
Still Life with Pineapple (1989)
A Setting for Tea (1989)
Elements of Varnish Making (1990)
Arabesque (1991)
Porcelain Vessels with Onions and Garlic (1991)
Provence Morning (1992)
Plums with Brass Vessel (1992)
Preparations for Coffee (1992)
Still Life with Radicchio (1993)
Still Life for a Wedding Anniversary (1993)
"Salt and Vinegar"
Salt and Vinegar (1994)
Still Life with Lady Apples (1995)
Cup, Shell, and Glass Muller (1996)
Old and New Vessels (1996)
The Blue Ginger Jar (1999)
Three Exotic Vessels
Sea Forms (2005)
Terra Cotta Vessels 1
Painting commission: Still life with wooden toys and hand decorated frame.
Still Life with Bread, Wine, and Fruit (1985)
Still Life for a Teacher
Hyacinth Glasses (1991)
Turban Squash (1991)
Eastern Trade (1992)
Still Life with Pears and Green Jar (1992)
Helmet Shell (1992)
Provence Midday (1992)
Provence Evening (1992)
Cello and Blue Silk (1993)
The Art of Composition (1993)
Still Life with Frankincense (1995)
Olive Jar with Lace (1997)
Ginger Jar with Plums (1997)
Object of Contemplation (1997)
Still Life with Cheese and Pears (1998)
Betty’s Memories (1999)
Terra Cotta Vessels 2