Tours & Maps

Some years ago we became aware of factual errors in the Davenport Hotel’s printed tour brochures, which continued in use despite our efforts to get them corrected. For that reason, we decided to offer downloadable brochures and maps online. We are considering updating these to an audio tour. However, be aware that these are very simple guides and lack the details of the book we have also written which has yet to be printed. Because the Davenport Hotel has just been sold, this has delayed our moving forward until we make contact with the new owners.

Downloadable PDF Files: For foldable brochures, print PDF files below on 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper and check the printing preferences box that says “Fit to size.”

Art & Ornament in the Davenport Hotel

Historical Walking Tour

Davenport Maps

Davenport Vintage Ground Floor